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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Using Scotch Brite Automotive 3M 7445 for Hand Sanding

If you are looking for the best quality scuff pad for hand sanding  then you should check out 3m 7445. This Scotch Bright Automotive Line of Scotch brite is one of the most universally used types of scuff pads in many different automotive applications. Scotch Brite is typically used to clean grain, finish, de-fuzz and de-nib a variety of automotive projects. 3m 7445 is a top of the line very fine grade scuff pad that comes in different grits including the maroon/purple color.
Scotch Brite Automotive 3m 7445 comes in a case which includes 20 pads which are each 6” x 9” in size. Although Scotch Brite 7445 can be used for in line sanding, some of the main uses of 3m 7445 are:

• Surface Conditioning – Use before Applying Primer or Paint
• Reconditioning of Used Cars – Scotch Bright Automotive Sand paper is great for Used Cars.
• Cleaning Door Pads – Easily Remove Scuffs and Imperfections on Door pads.
• Cleaning Headliners – Headliners can be quickly & Easily Restored Using Scotch Brite 7445.
• Cleaning White Wall Tires – 3m 7445 is an Excellent Choice for Cleaning White Wall Tires.
• Cleaning Chrome – Clean & Shine Chrome Accents with Scotch Brite Automotive 3m 7445.

Scotch Brite 7445 is top quality scuff pad made of nylon web. This means that you can use your Scotch Brite Automotive 3m 7445 over and over again. Each case contains 20 conveniently sized 6“x 9” pads which ensure that you will have plenty of 3m 7445 for all of your essential sanding jobs that require find sanding to restore and refinish a variety of different types of painted and unpainted surfaces.

So, if you are looking for a top of the line fine grit scuff pad then look no further than Scotch Brite Automotive 3m 7445; you will not be disappointed. The 3m brand has been around for years and is known for creating top of the line, high quality sanding products for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Check out their full line of Scotch Brite Automotive scuff pads to find the perfect product to fit your needs.


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