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Thursday, December 5, 2013

FBS Tape – The Hi-Temp Fine Line Tape for Professionals

FBS stands for Finding Better Solutions; they have achieved this with their FBS tape which is known to be the best hi temp fine line tape in the industry. The reason why the FBS tape works so well is attributed to the single coated stabilized crepe paper which is cross linked with a rubber adhesive for precise color separation. If you want to create clean and sharp lines then FBS tape is the perfect solution. This fine line, high temp tape is highly flexible and works well on uneven surfaces such as curves and radius areas.

FBS was founded in 1987 and has enjoyed more than 25 years of growth in the auto finishing industry due to the their line of hi temp, fine line masking tape products which outperform all of the rest according to many professionals in the industry. This very think sharp edge FBS tape can be used on a wide variety of surfaces both even and uneven and can even be used on plastic parts. You can purchase their line of performance FBS tape in many different sizes such as 1/16”, 1/8”, ¼”, ½” or ¾” so you can be sure that there is the perfect fine line, hi temp FBS paint to fit your needs.

FBS tape is rubber adhesive based and can maintain its adhesion under temps up to 347 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only is FBS tape able to withstand hi temps, it also has UV resistance as well so you can be sure that it will not adhere to your delicate surfaces. FBS tape is also water resistant so you can ensure a clean line under all working conditions. You can also choose FBS gold tape which features acrylic adhesive for hard to stick surfaces. The hi-temp properties are lower on this form of FBS tape (Up to 212 Degrees Fahrenheit); however, it is very thin and flexible which allows you to easily use it on difficult surfaces.

FBS ProBand tape is constructed of thermo-stabilized polymer film which is backed with a rubber based adhesive. This FBS tape offers top notch solvent resistance and will not cause telescoping or hour glassing. Besides this FBS ProBand tape is translucent which makes it easy to follow the lines with ease when painting. The same hi temp, fine line properties that FBS are known for are present in this professional grade tape which can withstand hi temps up to 266 degrees Fahrenheit and are able to resist both UV rays and water.


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