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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The History of House of Kolor

House of Kolor is a well known company that was established in 1956 by custom painter, Jon Kosmoski. When he was young he took his beloved Chevy to a local paint shop. When he received his car back, he was not happy with the paint job and knew that there had to be a better way. He quickly became known for his custom painting skills; however, he still was not satisfied with the products on the market. From here, Jon decided to figure out a way to perfect the process and created his line of House of Kolor paint products such as the House of Kolor Tangelo Pearl base coat.

House of Kolor was born because he had a dream to produce top of the line products such as House of Kolor Tangelo pearl base coat which is a popular product among man auto body professionals. He knew that if he wanted quality products that would create the perfect custom finish, he would have to invest these products by himself. So, Jon teamed up with a doctor of chemistry to produce the best possible custom paint products such as House of Kolor Tangelo Pearl base coat and many others. He wanted to create custom paint products that would not tarnish, fade or crack even in extreme climates.

Another great thing about House of Kolor Tangelo Pearl and other House of Kolor products is that is si able to withstand the multiple coats required when completing a custom paint job. Once jon perfected his products and bean working with them himself, he quickly won multiple awards for people quickly began to talk. Word got around, and Jon had opened his own shop along with a complete line of custom paint products for others to enjoy. The House of Kolor name quickly became recognized as one which stood for quality professional grade custom painting products such as the House of Kolor Pearl Tangelo base coat.

Since then, House of Kolor has grown and expanded based on their quality custom paint product line backed by a top notch reputation for integrity and customer service. One of the more popular House of Kolor products available on the market is House of Kolor Pearl Tangelo which is easier to spray and comes in a wide variety of custom colors. The House of Kolor Pearl Tangelo base coat can be top coated with either urethane enamel or acrylic lacquer; however, you will need to allow flash time in between coats.


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