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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Use Plastic Masking Film to Reduce Buffing

If you are looking for a way to reduce buffing and color sanding then look no further then plastic masking film. Plastic masking film is designed for the auto aftermarket and is designed to be used when masking vehicles. This quality plastic masking film is designed to attract the overspray which means that it doesn’t end up on your fresh paint. The less overspray you have, the less buffing and color sanding you have to do; why wouldn’t you choose to use plastic masking film in your day to day auto painting operations.

There are many different manufacturers which offer plastic masking film such as: 3M, Evercoat, Sharkskin and Five Star just to name a few. These top selling manufacturers offer a variety of quality plastic masking film options to meet all of your auto painting needs. This large plastic masking film is large enough to accommodate mid-sized to small cars. One of the best-selling plastic masking film makers is 3M which is known for their quality products and top notch customer care. Each 3M roll of plastic masking film is 12 feet wide by 400 feet long conveniently rolled for easy application.

Another popular brand of plastic masking film is Evercoat. Evercoat plastic masking film is made of high density polyurethane which ensures top notch cling properties. This brand of plastic masking film is treated to ensure adhesion of paint and overspray. Not only will you love the quality and performance of Evercoat plastic masking film, you will also love the convenient easy dispensing container which helps you to easily dispense the correct amount while keeping the rest of the product neatly stored and clean.

Shark Skin plastic masking film is well known for maintaining the best paint adherence in the industry. This top quality plastic masking film is designed to help to reduce your overall costs and improve efficiency. Shark skin plastic masking film is known to grad the surface making it easy to apply. The wide 12’ width and 400’ roll make it a popular choice with many professionals due to the ability to provide ground to ground coverage of vehicles of all sizes.

Top Selling Manufacturers of Plastic Masking Film
  • 3M
  • Shark Skin (US Chemical)
  • Evercoat
  • 5 Star


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