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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Advantages of Waterproof Sandpaper

Many people are not sure which is better waterproof sandpaper or regular sandpaper. The truth is that there are benefits of both types of sanding which should be considered. The good news is that you can purchase waterproof sandpaper that is able to be used for both wet and dry applications such as Norton’s wet or dry waterproof sandpaper. If you are looking for waterproof sandpaper with the added versatility of using it dry as well then Norton’s black ice sandpaper is an excellent option.

This top of the line waterproof sandpaper by Norton provides an exceptional finish due to the superior backing and premium grade that this Norton waterproof sandpaper offers. Norton wet/dry sandpaper will create a smooth uniform finish due to the flexible backing and bond that ensure easy tearing or folding when working on either wet or dry sanding jobs. Norton is known for quality and this professional grade waterproof sandpaper that is designed with the auto aftermarket in mind is no

Norton wet/dry sandpaper can provide you with exceptional quality results when color sanding or when taking advantage of its waterproof abilities. Norton waterproof sandpaper is known for their top of the line quality abrasives and has been in the business of creating quality abrasive products for the auto body market for many years. However, Norton has really shined with this innovative waterproof sandpaper that is durable and versatile enough for both big and small jobs alike. You can easily switch in between a wet and dry surface with ease without having to take the time to change out our sandpaper.

So, if you are looking for waterproof sandpaper from an abrasive manufacturer that is known for creating quality innovative sandpaper then this quality Norton sandpaper is a great choice. Not only is it affordable, you can be sure that you will use less and save money over time due to the durability and longevity which Norton waterproof sandpaper is known for. Quality and affordability are combined in Norton waterproof sandpaper and is the perfect choice for those working in auto bod repair shops.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What is the Best Auto Sandpaper?

If you work within the auto body industry or simply want to repair and restore your own car one of the first things that you will need is auto sandpaper. However, did you know that there are many different grades, grits and brands of auto sandpaper to choose from? There is no right or wrong auto sandpaper, the type that you need is going to vary depending on the specifics of the job. Choosing quality auto sandpaper such as those by Meguiars or Norton is recommended to ensure the best quality results.

When choosing an auto sandpaper keep in mind that the goal is to let the auto sandpaper do the work for you so that the end result is a smooth and consistent finish for your new paint to adhere to. For this type of sanding you will want to use a medium grit in order to prevent deep scratching and provide the smoothest surface possible. However, you can also choose wet/dry auto sandpaper as well which can be used for either wet or dry applications and will decrease the amount of dust while increasing the longevity of your auto sandpaper due to the fact that wet sand paper is very durable, stays cool and cuts faster than other forms of auto sandpaper.

When choosing auto sandpaper it is important to understand how the different auto sandpaper grits are determined in order to help you choose the right grit for the job at hand. The way to determine which auto sandpaper that you need is determined by how course you need your auto sandpaper to be. The courser that you would like the grit of the sandpaper to be the lower the corresponding grit will be. Typically you can choose auto sandpaper with grit between 60 and 2000 with 60 being very course and 2000 being very fine grit.

If you want our auto sandpaper to sand down deep in order to remove rust of deep scratches then a low grit is ideal. This type of auto sandpaper is a great choice if you want to prepare the surface of your auto for body filler or bondo. For not so deep rust and scratches 120 grit is a great choice and will easily flatten out this damage and prepare your auto surface for painting. Use the highest grit of auto sandpaper possible for the job to prevent accidental scratching while ensuring that you have a nice smooth surface for your paint to adhere to.

Monday, January 20, 2014

What is Tiger Hair Bondo?

Evercoat Fiberglass Company was originally founded more than 60 years ago and original being their journey by creating fiberglass material which was meant to be used to repair wooden boats. However, today Evercoat has grown to be a leading manufacturer that offers a wide range of fiberglass products for the marine industry and auto body industry such as the innovative Tiger hair bondo. After 60 years in the industry you can be sure that all Evercoat products such as Tiger Hair bondo offer exceptional quality and customer support backed by a company that you can trust.

So, if you are looking for a long fiber fiberglass filler then look no further than Tiger Hair bondo. Tiger Hair bondo is the original long fiber filler which is reinforced for extra strength and durability. Tiger Hair bondo by Evercoat is also waterproof and can be used either with or without a fiber gloss matt for your convenience. So, if you want quality long fiber fiberglass filler that is waterproof, reinforced and versatile then look no further than Tiger hair bondo by Evercoat; you are sure to love the exceptional quality results that this quality long haired fiberglass filler can produce.

Tiger hair bondo by Evercoat has twice the strength of regular fiberglass fillers due to the 1” long strands of chopped fiber glass. This means that you can use Tiger hair bondo to repair rust holes up to 1” as well as shattered fiberglass and small dents; anywhere that you need extra strength, Tiger hair bondo by Evercoat will get the job done right the first time. So, whether you need to rebuild missing pieces or do some restoration work; Tiger hair bondo will provide you with the strength and durability that you need for big jobs.

There are many great uses for Tiger coat bondo by Evercoat such as repairing missing pieces without needing to use cloth or mat backing strips or repair small holes in the surface of your auto. Tiger hair bondo is also convenient; with convenient 20 minute sanding you will love the speed and versatility of Tiger Hair bondo. Tiger hair bondo is great for use on a variety of different finishes such as wood, metal, fiberglass, aluminum, masonry, SMC and is also compatible with all types of paint too.

Friday, January 17, 2014

3M Wet Dry Sandpaper –Versatility at its Best

If you are looking for the strongest, most durable and most versatile sandpaper available then you definitely need to check out all of the many benefits of 3M wet dry sandpaper. 3M wet dry sandpaper comes in many different grades which are custom designed for those in the auto body repair industry. 3M wet dry sandpaper is meant to be used for sanding sealer or surface primer to create a fine feather edging you can be proud of. With grades from 1000 grit to 2500 grit, you can be sure the offer 3M wet dry sandpaper to meet your needs.

Whether you are looking to remove excess orange peel, dust nibs or runs so that you can buff or polish a new or used auto; there is the perfect 3M wet dry sandpaper for the task. This sandpaper can be used wither wet or dry depending on the task at hand and provides. When used wet you will love the clog resistant 3M wet dry sandpaper and whether used wet or dry 3M wet dry sandpaper lasts longer, cuts faster and is resistant to loading so that you can be sure that the finished resistant is consistent throughout the surface of the car.

3M has been in business for over 100 years and originally began in Minnesota by five businessmen who set up to come up with abrasives for the grinding wheel. The very first 3M wet dry sandpaper was originally launched in the 1920’s which was able to reduce the amount of airborne dust in order to decrease the associated health risks associated with the inhalation of this dust. In the 19500’s 3M launched many other products as well such as Thermo Fax, Scotch Brite and Scotch Guard fabric protectant while still keeping abrasive produced such as 3M wet dry sandpaper at the forefront of everything that they do.

You can feel good about your purchase of 3M wet dry sandpaper as well because 3M is dedicated to being energy efficient. In fact, 3M was provided with the energy star award for 6 years in a row due to the green operational practices which are continued at all of their manufacturing plants around the world. In fact, in 2012 they continued their green efforts by introducing the 3M solar mirror film which provides a concentration of solar power. So, if you want wet/dry sandpaper made by a company that cares about the planet then 3M wet dry sandpaper is a great option.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

How to Choose the Best Fiberglass Body Filler

With a product such as fiberglass body filler, you want to make sure that you do not cut corners or you are sure to regret it later. Not only will the quality of the job be sacrificed, it will also add extra time to the task and we all know that time is money. If you want fiberglass body filler that you can trust to get the job done right the first time then Evercoat’s full line of body fillers offer a solution for the needs of DIY car enthusiasts and body shops alike.

Evercoat has been the leading manufacturer of fiberglass body filler for many years because professionals in the industry know that when you choose quality Evercoat fiberglass body filler, you are choosing a top quality product that creates the best results possible. Evercoat has been providing consumers and body shop professionals with a variety of innovative forms of fiberglass body filler choices for half a decade and began their journey by being the first one to create colored catalysts to be used with polyester body filler.

This innovative new product is what launched Evercoat’s success and helped them grow to be what they are today. Over the last 50 years Evercoat has introduced many new innovative fiberglass body fillers to meet the varying needs of consumers and body shops around the world. So, if you are looking for the best fiberglass body filler, then look no further then Evercoat fiberglass body filler; millions of satisfied customers cannot be wrong. From their metal works system to the feather fill system, there is the perfect Evercoat fiberglass body filler product to meet the demands of your job.

One of the best-selling Evercoat fiberglass body fillers is the line of Rage products which they offer. This top of the line lightweight body filler is formulated with the best resin available to provide a tack free and stain resistant feature which many people love because it helps to increase the life of your sandpaper and minimize the risk of accidental staining. Evercoat fiberglass body filler provides an excellent level of adhesion to difficult surfaces such as galvanized steel SMC, OEM finishes and aluminum.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Get the Quality Finish You Desire With Presta Polish

If you want to know why Presta polish is the best then let’s take a look at the history of Presta polish. This company has been family owned and operated for more than 60 years and have strived to achieve the highest level of commitment to the care of their customers possible. Some of the things that have helped Presta polish grow to be the best selling polish in the industry are their drive for creating new and innovative products, their commitment to customer service and their quality manufacturing that ensure that Presta polish is the best in the business.

Presta offers a full line of Presta polish products which have each been specifically designed to provide the best possible results when applied to all types of painted surfaces. Whether your paint on your car is new or old – single stage or clear coat, there is a perfect Presta polish for the job. If you want to create an eye catching finish that shines like a mirror then the perfect polish for you is Presta polish. Regardless of what the surface is; Plexiglas, composites, gel coats or mold refinishes; Presta polish will provide you with the professional quality results that you desire.

Presta polish is designed to be applied by machine in order to achieve the best results. Presta polish when applied by machine is able to remove minor imperfections in the surface of your car and remove small signs of oxidation on both new and old cars alike. One of the main things that people love about Presta polish is the fact that it does not contain any waxes, silicone or fillers while creating a quality high gloss finish that will catch the eye of anyone you pass by. And with Presta polish you do not have to worry; it will not wash away!

It is best to apply Presta polish one the compounding is completed. When you use Presta polish you will see that there is no hard to remove residue left behind like some other less expensive brands of polish; all that you will have is a smooth, streak free high glass finish that provides a mirror like shine. So, if you want a quality polish that is easy to use, free of fillers and able to create the flawless high glass finish you desire then Presta polish is the perfect choice for you. Give it a try today; you will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Why You Should Choose Norton Champagne DA Sandpaper

Norton is one of the most known and most loved brands of sandpaper on the market today and has been creating quality abrasives for many years. Norton sandpaper is well known for the top quality results it provides such as the Norton Champagne DA sandpaper discs. Norton sandpaper discs are known for staying cool and resisting deterioration in order to improve the durability and longevity of the discs in order to allow you to be as efficient as possible. Why waste time changing out sandpaper discs when Norton DA sandpaper discs will far outlast the competition and decrease the time needed to get the job done.

Norton DA sandpaper comes in a convenient roll of 100 discs which measure 6” in diameter and come pre-rolled for your convenience. These top quality professional DA sandpaper discs by Norton are also PSA or pressure sensitive adhesive disks which are ideal for a variety of projects such as sanding primer or paint. The convenient rolls of DA sandpaper are designed to be used in conjunction with Norton’s disc roll dispensers so that you can easily grab another DA sandpaper disc, so you can get back to the job. These top selling DA sandpaper discs are a top seller among body shops around the world.

These convenient Norton DA sandpaper discs feature Norton’s famous stick and stand system. All you have to do is tear off one of the DA sandpaper discs and easily adherer it to the backup pad with the easy self-adhering system which this quality Norton sandpapers offers. If all of this were not enough to convince you that Norton DA sandpaper discs are a great choice for your body shop, then you will also be glad to know that our Norton Champagne DA sandpaper is shipped in convenient corrugated boxes for your convenience.

We understand that you have many choices for sandpaper discs, and ensure that you will love the quality and convenience that Norton Champagne DA sandpaper discs provide. If you want the best sandpaper system that will allow minimal down time in between discs and a convenient easy to adhere system then you will definitely want to check out the Norton Champagne DA sandpaper discs to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your body shop. Less down time means that the job is able to be completed quicker, and this is great for the bottom line of your business.

Monday, January 13, 2014

How to Choose the Best Sandpaper

If you work in the auto body industry then you understand the importance of choosing quality automotive sandpaper for the job. Whether you need automotive sandpaper that can be used by hand or attached to a machine, there are plenty of choices out there to choose from. Many people are often confused about how to choose the best automotive sandpaper for the job and often think that sandpaper is sandpaper. This is simply not the case when it comes to automotive sandpaper, and choosing low quality sandpaper is sure to make any task much harder than it has to be.

One great way to determine if the product you are about to purchase is of top quality is to take a look at the price. If you are choosing the least expensive automotive sandpaper in an effort to save a few dollars then chances are you are going to get what you paid for. This means that you will have to buy more and eventually pend more by quickly replacing the inexpensive sandpaper. Avoid this problem by choosing professional grade automotive sandpaper made by a known manufacturer in the industry such as Norton, 3M or Meguiars.

Norton sandpaper is one of the best known sandpaper manufactures in the industry and is cade by Norton abrasives. Norton has been creating top of the line automotive sandpaper for professional auto body shops for many years and currently employs more than 20,000 employees around the world. If you want top quality automotive sandpaper that will stay cool and not deteriorate quickly then this professional grade automotive sandpaper is a great choice. You can choose from discs, rolls or sheets of Norton automotive sandpaper so you can be sure that they offer an automotive sandpaper to meet the needs of everyone.

If you still are not convinced that Norton automotive sandpaper is the best around, check out the other top of the line professional grade automotive sandpaper manufactures such as Meguiars and 3M. Both 3M and Meguiars offer top of the line sandpaper that is designed with auto body professionals in mind. Whichever brand you choose, make sure that you go with quality automotive sandpaper the first time. Not only will it make the job easier, it will also save you some money in the long room as well.