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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What is the Best Auto Sandpaper?

If you work within the auto body industry or simply want to repair and restore your own car one of the first things that you will need is auto sandpaper. However, did you know that there are many different grades, grits and brands of auto sandpaper to choose from? There is no right or wrong auto sandpaper, the type that you need is going to vary depending on the specifics of the job. Choosing quality auto sandpaper such as those by Meguiars or Norton is recommended to ensure the best quality results.

When choosing an auto sandpaper keep in mind that the goal is to let the auto sandpaper do the work for you so that the end result is a smooth and consistent finish for your new paint to adhere to. For this type of sanding you will want to use a medium grit in order to prevent deep scratching and provide the smoothest surface possible. However, you can also choose wet/dry auto sandpaper as well which can be used for either wet or dry applications and will decrease the amount of dust while increasing the longevity of your auto sandpaper due to the fact that wet sand paper is very durable, stays cool and cuts faster than other forms of auto sandpaper.

When choosing auto sandpaper it is important to understand how the different auto sandpaper grits are determined in order to help you choose the right grit for the job at hand. The way to determine which auto sandpaper that you need is determined by how course you need your auto sandpaper to be. The courser that you would like the grit of the sandpaper to be the lower the corresponding grit will be. Typically you can choose auto sandpaper with grit between 60 and 2000 with 60 being very course and 2000 being very fine grit.

If you want our auto sandpaper to sand down deep in order to remove rust of deep scratches then a low grit is ideal. This type of auto sandpaper is a great choice if you want to prepare the surface of your auto for body filler or bondo. For not so deep rust and scratches 120 grit is a great choice and will easily flatten out this damage and prepare your auto surface for painting. Use the highest grit of auto sandpaper possible for the job to prevent accidental scratching while ensuring that you have a nice smooth surface for your paint to adhere to.


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