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Friday, February 28, 2014

When You Want the Best Choose Dynatron Body Fillers

If you want the best body fillers on the market then look no further then Dynatron bondo by 3M. 3M has been creating quality products for many years and their full line of Dynatron bondo is no exception to this rule. If you want the leading bondo in the industry then look no further than Dynatron bondo to fill dents, scrapes, rust holes,  sand scratches, chips or cracks. Best yet, Dynatron bondo will never shrink and is very strong and durable making it a great choice for those in the auto body repair industry. 

Dynatron bondo is very versatile and will work perfectly for a wide range of applications. Not only is it an affordable option for the professional auto body repair finisher, it also cures fast and can be easily shaped within minutes allowing you to use for same day repairs on both big and small jobs. Another wonderful benefit of this 3M bondo that DIY enthusiasts and auto body shop professionals alike enjoy is the fact that Dynatron bondo spreads easily and can be sanded out in only twenty minutes.

Dynatron bondo is designed for the auto aftermarket; however, it is also great for use on a wide variety of other materials as well such as all painted surfaces, fiberglass, aluminum, metal, wood, masonry and concrete. If you are searching for a bondo that is water proof and will accept paint as easily as wood then look no further than Dynatron bondo, its waterproof formula that will not shrink and dries quickly is the perfect choice for auto body repairs.

3M makes a variety of different types of bondo products such as Dynatron bondo Ultimate, Ultra Grip two and Dyna-Plus. Each of these products is designed to be used as auto filler and offer unique benefits. Dyna-Plus is a gold colored bondo that is stain free, lightweight and tack free to ensure top notch adhesion to aluminum, galvanized steel, steel and SMC. Dynatron Ultimate is also stain free and tack free and is the best-selling product because it offers the best adhesion to E-coat and SMC. The Dynatron bondo Ultra Grip 2 is lightweight filler that is formulated to offer enhanced adhesion properties for hard to adhere surfaces.


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