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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

3M Scuff Pads & Conditioning Discs for the Auto Aftermarket

If you need to scuff a factory fender or perhaps you are working with an aftermarket fender so that you can get prep to prime, seal or paint then 3M scuff pads are the perfect choice. If you want the most loved scuff pads in the industry then you will be glad to know that 3M scuff pads are our best-selling scuff pads for those who work in the auto collision industry. This is because 3M scuff pads offer the best value because they are strong and durable and therefore will last much longer than many other less expensive brands.

3M scuff pads are designed to be used for a variety of different uses and are thought to be the most versatile scuff pads around. If you need to scuff a fender, scuff or strip a rivet on a tractor trailer or airplane then 3M scuff pads will get the job done for you with ease. The best thing about 3M scuff pads is that they come in many sizes and shapes so you can be sure that there is the perfect 3M scuff pad for all of your auto and non-auto uses. Not only are 3M scuff pads great for auto body work, they are also useful around the house as well for things such as removing slight imperfections in the surface of stainless steel too.

You can choose a variety of different 3M scuff pads such as the 6” x 9” scuff pads which come in a box of 20, the Scotch rite clean and strip discs in black (Also referred to as the cookie), Scotch Brite cuff rolls which measure ¾” x 15’, Scotch Brite surface conditioning discs which come in 3 in 1 or 4 in one varieties, rivet cleaning disc, bristle discs which come in 3” and 2”, Roloc gasket removal discs, general purpose scuffing wheel, 8” x 20” sheet rolls and 3” bristle discs. So, if you want the perfect 3M scuff pads for the job you can be sure that they offer the perfect product for your needs.

3m also makes a line of scuff sponges which are created from non-woven material which has been laminated to a cellulose sponge which will easily conform to all work areas. Because of the open construction, 3M scuff pads and sponges reduce loading and are the ideal product from scuffing or cleaning a variety of different auto surfaces with ease. Let your 3M scuff pads do the work for you and make your next job much easier with this top selling line of 3M scuff pads and sponges


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