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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hutchins Sanders – Innovative Sanding Technology at Its Best

One of the best things about Hutchins sanders is that they are all American made unlike many other popular brands of hand and power sanders. Hutchins is an innovative company which takes sanding technology seriously. Hutchins has been family owned and operated since 1955 and is committed to providing the best quality tools and additional accessories for surface preparation. Hutchins sanders are created by experts in the field and all of their sanders and accessories are thoroughly researched and developed to meet the needs of those in the industry. 

There are many types of Hutchins sanders available such as the straight-line sander, water sander, orbital sander, vacuum assist sanders and hand sanders. Hutchins sanders are constantly evolving and changing because Hutchins Mfg. Company is committed to keeping up with the newest industry standards and demands. All Hutchins sanders are consistently redesigned to adjust for the latest performance advancements to provide you with the best product, the best performance at the best price. 

One of the best things about Hutchins sanders is that they offer a no strings attached rebuild program which allows you to keep sanding for much longer than if you had went with a less expensive important sander. While it may cost you a little more to purchase a quality Hutchins sander at first, in the long run your investment in a quality sander will save you money in the long run. When you add up the cost of multiple cheap imported hand sanders, you can see how an investment in a Hutchins sander is a wise choice. So, make the most of your money and invest in a quality Hutchins sander. 

There are many different Hutchins sanders to choose from that provide exceptional hand sanding. The Hutchins hand sander sanding block for Velcro Hookit, Hutchins hand sanding block for Stikit or PSA sand paper, Hutchins hand sanding block/board for PSA or clip on, Hutchins hand sanding board for clip on of PSA, Hutchins hand sanding block for PSA or non-stick sandpaper and Hutchins hand sanding board for dry sanding. Each of these top of the line Hutchins sanders are built to last and designed to work with your favorite brand of sandpaper.


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