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Monday, March 3, 2014

Looking for Auto Masking Tape – Choose American Masking Tape

When you work in the auto body & painting business, it is essential that you choose top quality products in order to achieve the clean custom paint finish that you desire. American masking tape made by Intertape is specifically made for the auto aftermarket in order to provide professional auto painters with the ability to increase efficiency and create clean lines. Not only is this line of tape a great way to increase efficiency, it is also affordable too; so, why would you not choose American masking tape?

American masking tape is designed to be easy to apply and designed to provide a clean removal when working on either cold or hot auto surfaces. American masking tape is the number one choice of those in the auto body & painting industry because it offers you with the ability to easily perform wet stripping and many other advanced auto painting techniques with ease. American masking tape is UV resistant for up to 72 hours and will never leave behind a sticky adhesive, which ensures a quick and easy clean up.

American masking tape takes first place for overall performance due to the fine crepe backing which ensures even break lines for a clean sharp finish. Not only this, the tape conforms easily, is flexible and is solvent and UV resistant. One of the reasons why professional auto painters choose every time is because this professional grade masking tape is perfect for wet sanding. The top notch adhesive backing ensures excellent transfer and is also ear resistant so you can be sure of a clean removal under varying conditions creating the sharp lines and edges you desire.

When working with curves, there is no better product then American masking tape to get the job done right the first time around. American masking tape is highly conformable and offers improved elongation for easy handling which makes it perfect for custom paint finishing. This affordable yet powerful masking tape is the top choice with collision repair shops because it will stick quickly and stay put in a variety of conditions. So, if you want the best masking tape for your collision repair shop choose American masking tape; you will not be disappointed.


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