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Friday, March 7, 2014

The Benefits of Marson Body Filler

Marson is a well trusted name for body filler in the auto body and collision industry. If you want quality and affordability all in one easy to use package then Marson body filler is the perfect body filler for you. There are many different Marson body filler products to choose from depending on the current task at hand. Some of the quality Marson body fillers that are popular among DIY car enthusiasts and body repair shops alike are the Marson Mar-Glass fiberglass reinforced filler, Marson Platinum body filler, Marson spot and glazing putty, Marson platinum glaze and Marson Marglass Fiberglass bondo.

The unique properties the full line of Marson body filler ensure that one or all of these products are an essential for any auto body repair shop. If you are looking for Marson body filler that is strong and durable then Mar-Glass is a great choice. This reinforced fiberglass filler was created to be waterproof and provide double the strength of your average body filler. This specialty Marson body filler is created with metallic flakes to create a metal like finish that is both waterproof and resistant to rust.

Marson Platinum body filler is a stain free, tack free body filler that is lightweight then this is the body filler for you. Marson Platinum provides the best adhesion qualities when working with aluminum, E-coat, galvanized steel or SMC. The creamy and smooth texture of this top of the line body filler make it quick and easy to apply and also decrease the amount of sanding time needed to create that smooth finish that you are after. So if you want a lightweight body filler that goes on easy and sands easy too then check out Marson Platinum body filler.

So if you want professional body filler that is strong, durable and waterproof then look no further than Marson body filler. Marson offers another great product as well; the Mar-Glass Stuff-it which is polyester based filler which is reinforced with fiberglass for added strength and durability. Not only is this quality Marson body filler strong and durable, you will also love the waterproof qualities which ensure all repairs are waterproof and resistant to rust and corrosion. Marson body fillers are a great choice for any serious car enthusiast such as those who work in auto body repair and collision shops.


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